Twinkling Starlight, Go Back To Sleep!

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We have another new mindfulness sessions we’re releasing on Clarity! We are delighted to bring you the beautiful voice of Nina Rashid who has created the twinkling starlight session for us – You can find her session in the Sleep Pack on our clarity app.

Waking up

It happens to all of us, we have the best intentions of getting a good night’s sleep, keep the room cool and dark, minimise electronic devices, avoid caffeine late at night, etc.

Sometimes falling asleep is easy, especially when physically tired, the body just wants to rest, eyes are droopy and off to sleepland we go….zzzzzz

It is waking up in the middle of the night for no obvious reason and not being able to go back to sleep that may be a problem, it is simply called insomnia. The physical body and the mind drifted off easily into sleep initially, but now the mind is busy looking at the clock, maybe thoughts racing through the mind about the next day, week?

We wake up during the night regularly due to sleep cycles, usually 90 minute cycles to 2 hours. Most probably this goes unnoticed as we just roll over, move around or very briefly open our eyes, sometimes not even aware of it. It is actually not the waking up that is a problem but going back to sleep is. 

There could be several reasons, stress, depression, too much alcohol or a very late meal, or just too many thoughts racing around. We very often worry about the future and ponder on the past! 

Being mindful of the here and now, our only moment is where we should try to be. 

Doing a mindful meditation may help to stay here, in the present, right now, nowhere else to be , nothing to do, no one to speak to, just simply delightful sensation of being here.

Sooth your mind

Listening to a calming meditation may help, Twinkling starlight go back to sleep, was created to help the mind focus on the physical body, as it is right now, in this moment. 

Bringing the attention to your breath and body as you slowly move through the dark night sky, lighting it up with  twinkling starlight.

Listening to this meditation regularly may help you drift off back to sleep, feeling more inspired and at ease. Teaching your mind and body to rest as you drift off into tranquility.


“To Sleep To Dream”

The same force that quickens you in the morning towards growth, fullness to action and light

Is the same force that lulls you to sleep, to dreams, to greater darkness.”

-Segovia Amil                                     


Nina Rashid

Yoga Bliss with Nina

To let you try this new session we have made it free for all of October 2019. Check out the Twinkling Stars session in the Mindfulness Pack on Clarity now!

Don’t have the app? You can download for free on iPhone and Android app stores


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