The Wonderful Art Of Gratefulness

 In Clarity

We have another new mindfulness sessions we’re releasing on Clarity! We have created a gratefulness session to help you prepare for sleep – You can find Grateful in the Sleep Pack on our Clarity app.

Gratefulness is something that should be prescribed daily for all of us. The act of being grateful is so simple, doesn’t cost us anything and has incredible benefits.

The research on being grateful is compelling. Some of the benefits include 

  • impact on how optimistic you feel 
  • improved wellness
  • lower stress levels
  • how restful you feel on waking
  • lowering the number of visits you may have to your doctor.

Sitting at sunset outdoors in a crossed leg position practicing mindfulnessIf it’s so good for us, why do we struggle to practise gratefulness? It may be because we are too busy running in our day that we just don’t find the time to stop and be grateful. It may be that we haven’t understood the benefits, or that we’re not in the habit of doing it.

Whatever the reason, if you’re not feeling good about the world, struggling with sleep, feeling stressed or just need a little positivity. That’s why we’ve created Grateful.

Practice Daily

When you’re in a daily practice of thinking of things to be grateful for you actively change your brain chemistry! By practising gratefulness every day, it adapts your mindset like strengthening a muscle. This will have a positive impact on your wellness and your thinking. 

Grateful has been designed to help you prepare for deep and restful sleep. By practising this mindfulness session as the last thing you do before you go to sleep, it will stop the busy thoughts and stresses of the day. Guiding you through to help you focus on lovely, positive and kind acts that have happened in your day.

Being specific and making sure that you think of different things to be grateful for each time will help you get the most out of the session. For example, don’t just say “I’m grateful for my partner” say “I’m grateful my partner stacked the dishwasher without being asked today” (we can’ all hope can’t we? 😁). 

Improve your sleep

Lavender fieldWe really believe in the benefits of being grateful. All of our “going to sleep” sessions in the Sleep Pack also include a little gratefulness. You can never be too grateful!

If you’ve had a particularly hard day, it’s important to stop and try to find something – even if it’s just the weather, to be grateful for. 

To help you kick off your grateful habit we have made Grateful free for all of November 2019! Check out Grateful in the Sleep Pack on Clarity now and let us know how it’s helped you.

Don’t have the app? You can download for free on iPhone and Android app stores.


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