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Each of the sessions under are written and recorded with an understanding of women’s health, and a specific relaxation strategy in mind. Each of our sessions are written by our founder, Becks Armstrong. As we often receive questions about the our sessions, Becks will be writing the background to each of the new sessions available on the Clarity app.

Snuggle up with a pillow & a mug of chamomile tea, as today Becks is delving into the intricacies of our sleep sessions!



Sleep can be challenging at the best of times for many people, and as we get older sleep can become more elusive. It goes without saying how important sleep is, and to help, I have distilled the latest scientific research on sleep into a relaxing recorded session.

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My goal for the sleep tracks are more than to help you sleep and ultimately, to feel better throughout your whole day. Sleep will help with these things, but the session is also designed to help you develop a more positive mindset.

One of the best ways to help ensure peaceful slumber is to make the ritual of winding down at night a habit. Make this your time to let go of the events of the day. One of the best ways to have a positive pre-bedtime ritual is by thinking about what you are grateful for.

Gratefulness has been extensively researched and shown to have multiple benefits. It boosts your immune system, it helps you have more positive thoughts during your day, and it not only helps you get to sleep faster, but it helps you stay asleep longer and wake more refreshed.

The act of thinking about the things you’re grateful for helps you to stop the negative loops that can sometimes go around incessantly in your head. On bad days, it can be tough to see the good that has happened, but if you look for it, you will find it. Even if it’s someone opening a door or a smile from a stranger, the good will be there somewhere.

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Take the time to enjoy the more positive headspace you are now hopefully occupying. Think about how these special moments can be an antidote to the stress and busyness of your days.

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Another goal of the sleep sessions are to help you practice your breathing. Breathing is something so natural, that we can often take it for granted. Rarely do we notice the impact it can have upon our mood, and on how we feel. The more in-touch you are with your breath – taking the time to stop what you’re doing and concentrating on getting your breathing slower and deeper (if only for a moment), the better you will feel.

The breathing pattern in the sessions – a shorter breath in, and a longer breath out – has also been examined and validated by scientists as having many positive benefits. These breathing exercises will hopefully lead to you becoming more relaxed and helping your mind wind down as you drift off.

I have created two different sessions to help you get to sleep sleep one with my voice and the other with the delightful Murray Cox to give you some variation but also to let you find the session that works best for you. There are also sessions to help you wind down or get back to sleep if you wake during the night for any reason.

So, putting it all together, I really hope the sleep sessions will help you sleep well through the night, and help you feel all the better for it! Goodnight xx”

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