Guide to Using The Clarity App

We understand that women are busy and can find it difficult to take some time for themselves. The Clarity app has been designed and tested by women to make it fast and easy to find what you need when you need it most. Here is a quick guide to help you find your way around the app.


We have a selection of guided and non-guided sessions that have been curated into packs to help you choose a session that will work for you in that moment. You can find out more about each pack here.

Recently Played

Sometimes you might want to go quickly to a previous session but don’t know where it was located – you can find it now in your Recently Played list.

Favourite Sessions

When you enjoy a session and would like to find it again quickly you can click the pink heart next to the session and it will go in to your favourites list.

Recommended Sessions

For times when you’re not sure what you would like to listen to or are really struggling with symptoms such as overwhelm or anxiety we have created a curated list to help guide you to the right session.

Please be aware that we need to store this data for us to create the recommendation, you will need to approve this before we are able to curate the list.


Created to be a fast balancing of your body when you become really hot. It could be for a moment of cool on a really hot day or when you have a hot flush (or hot flash).

We also give you the ability to download the sessions (for in-app subscribers) share the love with your friends for each session or for the app as a whole and to delete any downloaded sessions you don’t need anymore.


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