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We have new mindfulness sessions we’re releasing this week on Clarity! We are delighted to bring you the beautiful voice of Nina Rashid who has created the metta loving kindness session for us – You can find her session in the Mindfulness Pack on the clarity app.

Nina Rashid metta loving kindness medidation

Metta is an ancient Pali ( Buddhist) word that means loving kindness, friendliness, goodwill and active interest in others. It is an emotion, something you feel deep in your heart. It is a very powerful meditation. 

It is a practice, just like hatha yoga practice, it may take time to actually feel the powerful benefits, the opening of your heart space to everyone, even the people you have a difficult time thinking of.

In a metta practice you always start by repeating phrases to yourself, since we often have difficulty loving others without first learning to love ourselves, the meditation then moves on to loved ones, maybe a very neutral person and eventually someone you have difficulty with. 

Sometimes during a metta meditation, opposite feelings and emotions such as anger, grief or sadness may arise but more often the heart softens and you feel kindness, acceptance as you let the words and phrases sink into their intention or heartfelt meaning.

The practice of mindfulness and loving kindness support each other very well, metta can foster a closeness in our relationships with other people, whilst mindfulness can help keep us balanced. Mindfulness can bring a lovely sense of freedom, metta makes sure that the path to freedom is not aloof from others.

“As a mother watches over her child,

Willing to risk her own life to protect her only child,

So with a boundless heart should one cherish all living beings,

Suffusing the whole world with unobstructed loving-kindness,

Standing or walking, sitting or lying down,

During all one’s waking hours

May one remain mindful of this heart, and this way of living,

That is the best in the world”


-from the Metta Sutta                  

Sutta Nipata I.8                  


Nina Rashid

Yoga Bliss with Nina

To let you try this new session we have made it free for all of October 2019. Check out the Metta Loving Kindness session in the Mindfulness Pack on Clarity now!

Don’t have the app? You can download for free on iPhone and Android app stores


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