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I am fascinated about the sensitive and taboos that we don’t even know we have until we bump up against them. My clearest example of this is how you feel when you think about masturbating and the idea of talking to someone about what you do personally.

I have worked as a women’s health specialist acupuncturist for nearly 20 years now with women of all ages and it never ceases to amaze me what we women know and more importantly don’t know about our bodies – from how they work to how to give them pleasure.

Low libido isn’t an age related issue. Approximately 40% of women suffer with a drop in libido. It’s not something that many people discuss but it can really affect your life.

For this reason I’ve created the Improving Libido series. I have created 4 sessions but have plans to add a couples session soon. They are designed to help you reconnect your body and mind as for many women the first step to gain your “mojo” back is to stop thinking of all the things you should have done/need to do and be in the moment right now and feel your body.

Sadly there is no silver bullet for low libido or sexual desire, they are trying to find medication but actually the best way we have to help is to lower your stress or anxiety levels and help you to slow down.

Libido for women can be linked very closely to how you feel about yourself. There are some things that will be outside the stress levels (medication and pain at intercourse for instance)

For the most part we women are stimulated mentally, so if you are worrying about what you need to do and who you need to run after the last thing you are doing is relaxing – and most importantly focusing on your own self pleasure.

Found in the Apple A Day pack – the sessions all build on each other slowly and are very different so I thought I would give a brief explanation of each of them for you:

Body Scan

The first session is a traditional mindfulness body scan with a twist. Slowing your mind and your breath, bringing your attention to the present and just concentrating on different parts of your body allows you to become aware of feelings, thoughts and sensations that you may not be noticing through your day.


The second session has been created for you to analyse a thought or belief that you notice that may be effecting your life or holding you back (or more specifically in this instance something to do with your sexual desire). By looking in depth at a thought or belief you have, what was happening at the time that it was created and really think if it is still serving you today is an important step to break potentially negative thinking. Some of the thoughts I’ve talked to women about are “Sex isn’t important as I age”, “I don’t like what I look like now” and “I don’t care about sex anymore”. This session can be listened to or you could use a journal or notebook to write down each answer (pausing as you go to give yourself time). It can bring up some really interesting discoveries for you and your thoughts and how they are serving you.


Sometimes called mindful eating, the third session really helps you slow things down and become aware of your surroundings and your senses. By looking, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting a piece of food you can learn what it is to be curious, how your body reacts to anticipation and also how much you can sometimes take for granted – especially how things may not be as you think they are. Make sure when you do this session you have a cloth to clean your hands after! I would recommend a small piece of chocolate or a berry or small piece of fruit but you can just use what you have to hand that works for you.


Reconnecting with how your body feels is the focus of the fourth session. Using the body scan concept we take it to the next level by touching different parts of your body. Quite often when we touch ourselves it is fast and we take some of the feelings for granted, so it’s nice to slow things down and really think about how different parts of your body feel. We have partnered with Sylk for this session as moving around your pelvis using lube can help you heighten your sensations. They have offered our subscribers 25% off by using the code clarity25 at the checkout. don’t forget to have a cloth to wipe your hands for this session as well.

Working on lowering your stress levels, practicing gratefulness and being curious will help you with improving your libido.

I really hope you enjoy the sessions and love hearing feedback. If you know someone that could use the help please share the love with them.

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